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Twenty OBGYN staff members smiling behind their masks and other protective equipment. Arranged in a 5 by 4 grid.

Frontline Report
& Women’s

A compendium of experiences and lessons learned during the first two months of the pandemic in New York City. This resource will help to keep providers, staff, and patients safe with valuable insights to better tackle surges of COVID-19 as they arise.

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Learning as we went, we relied on one another, coming together as never before. Here, we share the strategies, reflections, and data that helped to keep our patients and our team safe…

Mary E. D'Alton, MD
Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

“Even though the ubiquitous use of masks has made us somewhat of a faceless society, it has redefined us in ways that go beyond the surface.”

Arnold P. Advincula, MD
Chief of the Division of Gynecologic Specialty Surgery and Richard U. Levine Professor of Women’s Health at NYP/CUIMC

Reflections featured throughout the report provide some unique perspectives

“I begin learning about COVID-19 before it is even officially on our radar, as I manage my healthy, 43-year-old brother with an illness that behaves like nothing I had ever seen.”

Dena Goffman, MD

A graph showing positive diagnoses of patients presenting for delivery by date. It shows a peak in March / April  with  the highest number 14 on  April 6, after which there is a decline to just one,  on May 16.

Peak Pandemic Experiences in Numbers


Increase in telehealth visists between week 1 and week 2


of patients presenting for delivery were asymptomatic COVID-19+


Peak number of COVID-19+ deliveries in one day


Number of people on 4:30 PM departmental calls on average

Emerging Research